What is SEO?

If you are like most of the people out there, you have by now realized the fact that the Internet plays a huge role in your life. From the moment you wake up to the moment you go to sleep, the online world follows in every footstep of your life. Entertainment, shopping and information – that is the “dough” out of which the Internet is made. And, ultimately, that is what you as an individual are using the Internet for as well.

As a business owner, you should know the fact that the Internet should be equally important for you as it is for you as an individual. Also, you should know that your website should be paid a lot of attention to, since this will be your online business card and the tool you can use to attract new clients as well. Even more, your website should be based on at least one (if not all) of the things that are attractive for the people on the Internet (entertainment, shopping and/or information).

SEO is the science (and, at the same time the art) that makes this possible and that brings your website into the sight of the people. Without proper SEO, your business’ website stands little chance in the online world, much less if there are businesses out there selling the very same thing that you do and which have already optimized their website for the search engines.

SEO Explained for Everyone

If you want to understand what search engine optimization actually is, then you will have to think of a spider crawling the web it has built. The Internet is not called “the web” without any reason and its name is largely related to the fact that it works the same way as a spider web does: hundreds of millions of active websites connected to each other.

When someone uses a search engine to find something on the Internet, the algorithm of that search engine (or the “spider”) crawls through all these hundreds of millions of websites in search for the best results which will be made into a list. Most of the people find what they need within the first page (or, at most, within the first two pages, but you can also use a Rank Tracker to check your keyword position) and they do not want or need to go further than that.

You will thus want your website to be on that first page if you want people to actually visit it. And that can be accomplished only through proper search engine optimization, which is largely consisted out of two main techniques: content building and link building.

The content that is posted on your site may be more important than you could imagine precisely because it contains the words through which the “spider” would crawl in order to find the best websites for a particular site. Thus, SEO experts will make sure that every single piece of content on your website (from your landing page to your blog) is build based on a set of keywords that are popular searches in your business’ niche.

Even more, the same experts will make sure that the content posted on your website is actually reader-friendly and that it is actually interesting for the readers. This is important for two main reasons and the first one is related to the fact that the search engine algorithm has been perfected to eliminate from the first list of results it shows any kind of website that may contain bad content. Furthermore, good content is important because, ultimately, you will be working with people and you want people to consider you trustworthy even when it is just about sending a message or providing them with a piece of information.

The link building part is something that looks much easier than it is and that used to be much easier than it is today. Up until one or two years ago, business owners with a website could buy links that were posted on various websites. Nowadays, this practice is usually harshly sanctioned by the search engine algorithms.

The right way to go around keywords usually requires a lot of research. First of all, your SEO experts will have to find the very best websites close to your niche and they will have to post links there (either through comments or through guest posts). All these links have to be in perfect balance with the content of the website on which they are posted; otherwise, the search engines will not even consider them as links, which will eventually push down your website into the list of searches.

Furthermore, internal link-building can be important because it will make your visitors stay more on the website, which, in its turn, is a very important criterion search engine algorithms use when they select the best sites for a particular search.

In addition to link building and content building, SEO experts may usually have to take care of the social media as well. Having a presence there will bring more and more people to your website and that can mean more sales and more material for your marketing experts (which will eventually make your business grow into a solution that is more suitable with the needs of your clients and/or customers).

Why Would You Hire Professional SEO Services?

That is a good question, actually, especially because SEO usually looks much easier than it actually is. However, before you decide that you don’t have to pay for your SEO and that someone already working in your company could do it, think again.

SEO experts know how to do their research, where to research and what it is that they should do with their findings. A lot of them are also experts in Online Reputation Management. Even more importantly, they know that quality and balance can make the entire difference and that using SEO techniques excessively instead of building a website that is targeted at actual readers and visitors will attract nothing but failure. Too many keywords, poorly written content and hundreds of links built that do not make any sense – these are the things excellent SEO service providers will know exactly how to avoid and they will know how to get the best results in the shortest amount of time possible.